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Hi! My name is Anshul Rana. Welcome to my new blog The Tech Top 10. While working on my previous tech blog Tricksiq, I got an idea of why I don’t give you the lists of most-searched technology topics. It is always good to have options when you do anything for your good. So, whether it is a list of software, android apps, tips & tricks, How to, or anything else related to the technology, this blog will be covering everything with complete preciseness. I will try to give you reliable and accurate technology articles. I will make sure to do complete research before posting any article here. This introductory blog post is just to introduce you to my idea.

What is the purpose of this blog?

The Tech Top 10 is basically a technology blog committed to giving you detailed guides and top 10 lists of the most searched topics on the internet. The blog would be covering various latest topics of the internet and technology. The articles will be fully user-friendly and capable to provide detailed information on your desired topics. I have designed this blog by my self using WordPress. Providing the best user-experience is the main motto of this blog.

By helping you to get facilitated through the internet, I will make sure to connect with you through various channels. My main focus will be to spread useful information through organic channels. I will try to connect with most of my users through Google. So, if you are reading this article, just pray for me. Pray that this blog getss successful without misguiding any person in any part of the world.

I would be posting on this blog for two times a week. The frequency may vary depending upon various factors.

The topics this blog would be covering

This blog will be covering the technology-related topics. But, it is mostly focused on the software, how-to guides, applications, and the top 10 ways to do different things. You are free to surf the categories as per your choice. The main categories of this blog are as follows.

  1. Software

This blog will provide you with various types of software available in different domains. Whether they are for Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other operating system, you will find the most amazing top 10 lists here. The software in various categories including music, games, editing, etc, will be available here. Also, you will get the lists of both paid and free software here.

  1. How to

You will also find the how-to articles here. I will try to help you with various things and get the best tip and tricks. The blog will be covering various most searched technology topics on the internet. Along with the software setup, downloading and installation processes, and other most effective ways to perform things, the blog will give you the best support for how-to topics. Also, this blog will give you the easiest and comprehensive methods to do your desired tasks.

  1. Android

Whether it is the list of android apps, android tips, or different ways to make the most out of your android devices, this blog will cover this category too. So, if you are looking for the best blog to make your android devices more useful for you, The Tech Top 10 is best for you.

  1. Windows

This is an additional category for the top 10 lists on this blog. So, if you are looking for the articles on Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, this blog will give you the same. Along with the tips and tricks, the lists of windows software, device drivers, hardware will be there.

  1. Others

As per the latest trends and my research skills, I will try to cover as many technology articles as possible. You are free to give me suggestions regarding your desired articles. I will try to write the best ones and post them here as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

So, enjoy being here and do not forget to share your feedback in the comment section. Hope this introductory blog post will help you to get familiar with the idea of this blog. Also, stay tune with The Tech Top 10 and get the best technology articles for you.

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