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When it comes to creating highly helpful videos for YouTube or anything else, Whiteboard videos are known for their great offerings.

You can easily explain things which may not be explained with any other sort of video content.

But, in order to create impressive whiteboard animation videos, it is crucial to use a good Whiteboard animation software. Fortunately, there are a lot of options (free and paid) available to help you with this.

Whiteboard animations come in the category of 2D animations, so we are basically going to cover the software which is suitable to create these animations in an effective manner.

So, without any further discussion, let’s start revealing all those popular and effective whiteboard animation software that you can use in 2021.

Best Whiteboard animation software for PC [Free & Paid]

Below, we are going to discuss the most popular and advanced whiteboard animation software which will help you to convert your imagination into helpful visuals. We have ranked all of these software as per the overall user-ratings and various other aspects. So, let’s start with the first one first.

1. Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software

I personally found this whiteboard animation software to be a highly impressive solution for both beginners and professionals. Not only a whiteboard, but you can also create Blackboard and glass board videos using this software.

Backed by thousands of positive user-reviews, this software is capable of providing you with highly impressive offerings for an amazing 2D animation work. Most impressively, you can start creating your own whiteboard videos without having a brief technical knowledge.

As compared to the other software such as Adobe After Effects, Doodly is specialized in this field, so you can expect some extraordinary offerings when it comes to creating exciting whiteboard animations.

It will help you to make videos that will influence, educate, and help people in the ways you want. So, in my opinion, you should try this software for sure if whiteboard animation is your primary goal. However, if you are more focused on educational video creation and editing or other stuff, you should try any other software which we are going to discuss below.

Doodly Whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Smart Draw Technology to help you draw images in seconds
  2. Drag and Drop Feature
  3. Choose from 10 different male and female hands
  4. Easy to record your voice and insert in the video
  5. A large library of custom drew images and shapes
  6. Buy one package and install on as many computers as you want
  7. Easy video editing with royalty-free music

Limitations of Doodly Whiteboard animation software:

  1. Slow Exporting
  2. No Free trial is available
  3. No sound and video sync options are available

Price of Doodly Whiteboard Animation Software:

Doodly Standard: US$39/Month

Doodly Enterprise: US$69/Month

2. VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation Software

VideoScribe is another amazing whiteboard Animation Software equipped with amazing features to facilitate your creative tasks. This software will help you to make helpful videos in an impressive manner.

VideoScribe has some impressive features which make it a good option for both beginners and professionals. Also, when it comes to usability, it offers you a drag and drop feature just like the Doodly.

An extensive library of thousands of customizable images and artwork is available for the users. Not only this, but you will also have access to royalty-free music. You can start using any sort of music in your whiteboard animations videos to make them more helpful for the users.

Whether you are a trainer, educator, marketer, YouTuber, or an artist, VideoScribe is the software that will help you to make unmatched whiteboard videos inside very short timeframes.

videoscribe whiteboard animation software

Key Features of VideoScribe Whiteboard animation software:

  1. Easy to learn as a beginner
  2. Drag and Drop feature
  3. A regular support from the professional and creators’ community
  4. Work Offline
  5. Numerous options to change video resolution
  6. Record voiceover and insert in your videos

Limitations of VideoScribe Whiteboard animation software:

  1. PNG rendering can pixelate high-resolution images
  2. Audio editing is a little bit tough

Price of VideoScribe Whiteboard animation software:

7 Days Free Trial

Single User: US$29/Month

3. Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software

Not only a Whiteboard animation software, Filmora Pro is a full-fledged video editing tool. In other words, Filmora Pro is going to help you with everything when it comes to creating impressive and highly professional videos.

A lot of professional YouTube creators use Filmora Pro software to make amazing YouTube videos. But, when it comes to creating whiteboard videos, you can expect some excellent offerings from this software.

Not only 2D animations, you can also use Filmora Pro for 3D animations too. The software is equipped with all the useful features that can help you with your creation process. However, I found this software to be a bit tough for the beginners. Because, numerous video editing and other features and tools are available inside its interface, you may find it hard to locate and understand all of them.

However, you can easily find a good learning material online along with a continuous support from the creator community. Various color correction, audio editing, image editing, and other tools are available to facilitate your Whiteboard animation process.

You can read this article if you want to know how to get started with Filmora Pro if you want to create impressive whiteboard animations with it.

Key Features of Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Advanced editing with loads of transitions and effects to use
  2. Built-in screen capturing tool
  3. Audio sync, audio editing, and correction tools
  4. Add keyframes for a smooth flow
  5. Affordable pricing plan with a free trial

Limitations of Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Steep learning curve
  2. No masking tools and motion tracking
  3. You have to create an account in order to export your video

Price of Filmora Pro Whiteboard Animation Software:

Free Trial is available

Lifetime: US$199

Yearly Plan: US$89.99

4. Explaindio Whiteboard Animation Software

Explaindio is a highly impressive software to create Explainer, doodle sketch, motion videos, 2D/3D videos, and animated YouTube videos in minutes. The software allows you to easily use its interesting video creation features and make highly helpful and high-quality videos.

The thing which I liked the most about this software is that it is pretty helpful and easy to use for the beginners too. Also, you get amazing features to edit images, audio, and other crucial elements of your videos.

You will get more than 180 pre-made text animations which can easily be customized in the way you want. The software comes along with its multi-timeline editing features just like a professional video editing software.

The software also has an integration with Pixabay along with more than 300 types of fonts. Six different types of animations characters are there to use. Also, you will get an access to its extensive library of amazing audios.

explainadio whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Explaindio Whiteboard animation software:

  1. Easy exporting options with high quality support
  2. Create multiple animation at the same time
  3. Suitable for beginners without any technical knowledge
  4. 3D animation is supported
  5. More than 200 pre-made animated scenes to use

Limitations of Explaindio Whiteboard animation software:

  1. No trial period is available
  2. Not suitable for professional video editing tasks

Price of Explaindio Whiteboard animation software:

  1. Monthly Package: US$57/Month
  2. Yearly Package: US$147/Month
  3. One Time Price: US$697

5. RenderForest Whiteboard Animation Tool

RenderForest is a free and web-based Whiteboard animation tool to help you create impressive animations videos. To start creating your own videos, you do not have to download and install any software on your computer.

RenderForest’s Whiteboard animation maker is suitable for all types of animation tasks because of its impressive user-interface and lots of creativity tools. You get thousands of templates to start your projects on any topic you want.

Not only that, but you can also load presets and type your script to find the best scenes as per your requirements. This cloud-based platform is suitable for any sort of video creation task. Regardless of your experience and technical knowledge, you can easily use it for any sort of task.

This free platform is used by lots of professionals including YouTubers, businesses, educators, etc. So, you should try it too.

renderforest whiteboard animation software

Key Features of RenderForest Whiteboard Animation Tool:

  1. Pre-made templates to use
  2. Smart suggestions as per your script
  3. Lots of music tracks to choose from
  4. Easy to edit video in a professional manner
  5. More than 50K video scenes to choose from

Drawbacks of RenderForest Whiteboard Animation Tool:

  1. The offline video editing feature is not there
  2. Video uploading is slow
  3. Not suitable for detailed and long videos

6. Vyond Whiteboard animation Software

Earlier known as GoAnimate, Vyond is another impressive solution to start creating professional whiteboard animation videos. This software has all the impressive tools which you may need to make these videos. Also, an intuitive UI makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Whether you want to create videos for marketing, educations, training, or entertainment, Vyond will help you to get the desired outputs with its extraordinary features.

The software handles all sorts of video and audio tasks effectively along with its amazing performance. You will be able to insert premade templates and other elements to make your video creation processes fast and effecient.

The software is equipped with numerous excellent features which makes even your professional editing works easy for you.

vyond whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Easy user-interface
  2. Lots of exporting options
  3. Suitable for both personal and business uses
  4. Advanced tool library

Limitations of Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Steep learning curve
  2. Expensive pricing plans

Price of Vyond Whiteboard Animation Software:

Vyond EssentialVyond PremiumVyond Professional

7. MySimpleShow Whiteboard Animation Tool

To create perfect explainer videos, you have another great option known as MySimpleShow. It is another impressive web-based whiteboard animation tool which you can start using without hassles for any task.

This tool suits the best educations, tutorials, and other information videos. Also, it will help you more with its lots of slideshow illustrations. When it comes to the voice, it will help you to record voiceover and sync it as per your needs.

You just have to give its Explainer Engine an idea of what you want to get out of your video. In this way, it will suggest you the best options to choose and get the desired results. This platform is suitable for both beginner and professional users to create different types of animations without hassles.

mysimpleshow whiteboard animation software

Key Features of MySimpleShow Whiteboard Animation tool:

  1. Easy to use as a beginners
  2. Enterprise version is also available
  3. Make changes instantly by previewing your videos
  4. Easy to share your content online
  5. Create one video for free after signing up for an account

Limitations of MySimpleShow Whiteboard animation tool:

  1. No free version is there
  2. Might be tough to use on low-end computers

Price of MySimpleShow Whiteboard Animation tool:

MySimpleShow Business: US$129

MySimpleShow Pro: US$499

8. Animaker Whiteboard Animation Tool

Animaker is another great option to choose in order to create beautiful whiteboard animation software for any purpose. This tool has pre-made templates for various purposes such as product information, education, tutorials, etc. You just have to edit the phrases, images, and texts as per your needs.

That’s it, you can easily export your videos in your desired formats. For voiceover, you can record and add your own voice. Also, it has an extensive library of different amazing voices.

This web-based tool just needs a browser with a Flash player along with an internet connection. Once you have everything set up, you can easily convert your imagination into effective visuals.

I have tried making a video on this platform and I found it impressive because it is focused on a single concept i.e. Whiteboard animation. So, you can expect some excellent features from this software in this category.

animaker whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Animaker Whiteboard Animation tool:

  1. Lots of animated characters, graphics, and props
  2. Infographic icons and signs
  3. Easy to make changes with live previews
  4. Drag and Drop Feature
  5. Lots of music effects and playlists
  6. Free Trial is available

Limitations of Animaker Whiteboard animation tool:

  1. A limited number of video exports per month even with the paid plans
  2. No HD and Full HD download support with Personal package
  3. Might be a bit slow on weak computers

Price of Animaker Whiteboard Animation tool:

Animaker PersonalAnimaker StartupAnimaker Business
US$12/Month/Billed AnnuallyUS$19/Month/Billed AnnuallyUS$39/Month/Billed Annually
US$19/Month/Billed MonthlyUS$35/Month/Billed MonthlyUS$59/Month/Billed Annually

9. Biteable Whiteboard Animation Tool

Biteable is another great tool to create highly innovative whiteboard videos, infographics, and various other graphical elements. This online tool has all the features which you will need to create highly impactful whiteboard videos.

Everything is perfect including audio, quality, editing, typography, etc. It has easy to use tool which will allow you to educational, tutorial, advertisement, and other types of videos in an impressive manner.

With this online platform, you get a huge collection of more than 500,000 stock photos, clips, and other impressive visual elements to use in your videos. Not only that, but This tool also provides you with numerous pre-made templates which will be great if you are a beginner to this thing.

biteable whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Biteable Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Easy user-interface
  2. Lots of video customization features
  3. Share online or download videos instantly
  4. Use your own photos and videos

Limitations of Biteable Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Slow on weak computers
  2. Some restrictions even with paid plans

Price of Biteable Whiteboard Animation Software:

Starter Plan: US$19/Month

Plus Plan: US$49/Month

Unlimited Plan: US$99/Month

10. Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software

Easy Sketch Pro is a great software that allows you to create great whiteboard animation and doodle videos with very little effort. With its easy to use, drag, and drop feature, you can add desired visual elements in your videos.

In order to add audio, you can make use of its large library with free audio files. This software has made everything simple when it comes to creating educations or marketing whiteboard animation videos.

You will get numerous backgrounds to choose and give your video your own desired touch. Also, with more than 50 pens, brushes, crayon arts, and chalks, you are free to illustrate your ideas or create a piece of innovative artwork.

Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard animation software

Key Features of Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software:

  1. Drag and Drop Feature
  2. Export in mp4 format
  3. Import your own videos and images
  4. Lots of transitions and effects to use
  5. Use your own background music

Limitations of Easy Sketch Pro:

  1. The interface looks dated
  2. Can’t add your own logo in video with Starter and Business Plan

Price of Easy Sketch Pro:

Starter: US$37

Business: US$67

Business Pro: US$97

Final Verdict:

I hope you will now be able to pick the right whiteboard animation software for you. Do not forget to share this article with others too.

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