Top 3 Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

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Monitoring the smartphones of your loved ones is important to ensure their safety especially when your kids are hiding something that could negatively affect their wellbeing.

Technology offers myriad benefits such as smartphone spy apps that allow parents to know what your kids are doing behind their back for an eternity. According to, people are keenly investing in mobile apps because they offer multiple features at affordable prices.

However, some people end up buying fake apps that do not provide the value or services they promise. 

The best spy app with powerful features for Android or iPhone can serve as a vital tool for you to monitor all your young ones’ digital activities.

Let us guide you through this post to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong spy app and help you to choose the best app to protect your teenagers and kids. 

What to look for in the best spy app?

According to a Forbes post by Davey Winder, hundreds of fake apps on the Internet secretly install malware on your smartphones. However, it is necessary to buy and install a spy app that is both affordable and malware-free. 

Monitoring the activities of your spouse or a child with good intentions is a good idea when you get your hands on a desirable spy app to monitor loved ones. Therefore, you should consider a few key features before investing in a smartphone spy app. 

No matter what you are trying to track on your child’s phone, almost all cell phone spy apps offer similar features. Let us highlight some must-have features in the best spy app to help you make a wise purchasing decision.   

  1. GPS Tracking of a Smartphone 

The best spy app must allow location tracking and also help parents view the login history of the targeted devices.  

  1. Monitoring Text Messages and Contacts 

Another must-have feature parents should consider is the monitoring of text messages and phone contacts. Because kids often hide personal messages from parents, a powerful spy app allows parents to remotely read all text messages and also gives them access to address book.

  1.  View Website Browsing History 

The best spy app should give you an ability to see the browser history of your child’s phone to control their browsing habits.  

  1. Social Media Monitoring

Parents should always invest in a spy app that allows them to keep track of all social media chats and activities on their kids’ smartphones. 

  1. Reading Emails 

Email communication is common among teens. Parents should look for this key feature in a spy app to monitor all incoming and outgoing emails on their kids’ devices. 

  1. Call Recording and Viewing Call Logs 

Another vital spy app feature includes offering a view of a log of incoming and outgoing calls. It should also allow parents to record all phone calls without the knowledge of kids.  

  1. Camera Activation  

A good spy app must also allow parents to activate the camera on their kid’s devices and take photos or record videos without their knowledge. 

Three Best Android & iPhone Spy Apps 

Now that you have a better idea of what features to look for in the best spy app before investing in it let us discuss the top three spying apps for Android or iPhone which offer impressive features, an affordable price, and terrific customer service. 

1. Auto Forward 

The app is easy-to-install and activates instantly to allow the use of different features. It comes with a robust web interface that helps parents to retrieve text messages from WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat. Moreover, parents can secretly check complete call history and notes on a target

device. However, Auto Forward costs $69.99 per month that is too expensive for many customers.  

2. Spyera 

Spyera is a great solution for parents to monitor their kids’ iOS or Android devices. The app comes with many of the features discussed above. The app is easy-to-install and configures on smartphones; it is the best choice for less tech-savvy parents with a range of benefits such as:

  • Stability and reliability
  • Packed with powerful features 
  • Works well with iOS and Android phones
  • Simple installation and configuration 
  • Undetectable on users’ devices

However, there are some drawbacks of this app such as: 

  • A high price tag of $69.99 for one-time purchase
  • Unreliable customer support 
  • Lacks many advanced features 


XNSPY is the most innovative smartphone spying app for modern-day parents that includes all the powerful features a spy app can offer and many more. For example, XNSPY shows you complete call logs, works brilliantly on iOS and Android devices, and has a live control panel to monitor everything. 

Some of the most beneficial features of XNSPY spying software include: 

  • Social media monitoring 
  • An easy three-step installation 
  • GPS location tracking feature 
  • Key logger feature 
  • Call history, call recording, and email access
  • View all contacts on Android and iOS 
  • View a list of Installed Apps
  • Watch all videos on target devices
  • View browsing history and bookmarks 
  • Geo-Fencing feature 
  • Wi-Fi logs monitoring 
  • Remote control of target devices
  • Tracks multiple phones and devices
  • A live dashboard 
  • Available for as low as $4.99 per month for the Basic Edition and $7.49 per month for Premium Edition. 
  • Offers free updates 
  • And many more 

Why XNSPY is the Best Spy App for Parents in 2021

Undoubtedly, XNSPY offers the most advanced features for parents to track all activities of their young ones and retrieve all data on their Android or iOS devices. Moreover, thousands of customers have used XNSPY for monitoring their kids; all of them agree that XNSPY meets their monitoring needs in one window. 

Parents have also provided extremely positive XNSPY Reviews on several online platforms regarding the features and capabilities of the spying software. For example, the review on TheToolReport shows that XNSPY is ranked 5/5.

Final Verdict

In comparison with Auto Forward and Spyera ranked lower than XNSPY. The high ranking is due to its neat and simple installation; the app comes with all the information for users to get started quickly.

Moreover, unlike other spying apps, XNSPY provides superior customer support and is also less expensive compared to Spyera and Auto Forward with a bundle of features never before offered.

Therefore, the consensus among all the customers and so many positive XNSPY reviews suggest that the app is considered the most versatile phone spying solution ever developed in history. 

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