Best Brochure Design Software To Use in 2021

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A good brochure design is appealing to customers. It compels them to read about your branding and boasting, thus helping you in gaining user engagement. A good business brochure leaves an upright impression of your company in customers’ minds pulling their attention towards only you when they crave another product of your niche.

Hiring a professional to design a brochure can cost you much more than getting a little idea or quickly google some trending designs to get a perception about how a modern brochure looks like. Getting through some wonderful designs or templates over the internet can give you a brief idea of how can you create a good-looking brochure.

Well! This seems challenging. But believe me, starting with just a few beginner tools of a great brochure making software, you will be able to create impressive designs twinkling in your mind since I don’t know how far.

I have created a list to simplify your trouble choosing out the best brochure designing software. Pick up the one that suits you most.

1. Canva


Canva is a robust designing software particularly used to create presentations, brochures designs, and some social media stuff and posts. The application is packed with every tool you need to create an amazing design. You can make the use of millions of stock photos, vectors and clipart provided and even you can upload your own one there.

You can choose from hundreds of free fonts to make your design attractive. Canva can serve you as one of the best brochures designing software, due to the highlight listed below. With its interactive user-interface and amazing templates, it becomes not only the best brochure but leaflet designing software.

Key Features of Canva For Brochure Designing:

  1. Photo straightener tool to keep your images aligned
  2. Crop images or a portion of the artboard
  3. Add text on the images simply or inside the voice bubble
  4. Transparency tool to give fade your images
  • Offers more than thousands of contents to make an awesome brochure design
  • Web-Based Tool
  • No support of a ruler
  • Limited Free Icons
Used forGraphics design, presentations, leaflets, brochures, posters
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS, iOS
Pricing1. Basic version free
2. Canva Pro $12.95 per month 

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Adobe InDesign

Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is mainly used by marketers for different purposes. One of them is brochures. This great product from Adobe can give a compelling feel to your design. The application is frequently updated to fix bugs and more features are being added along the path.

If you’re familiar with other Adobe platforms, this dedicated software for marketing can help you in various criteria. It has linked the creative cloud library for easy syncing on any device. The software is ideal for making master templates. It’s a great choice for brochure designing.

Features if Adobe InDesign For Brochure Designing:

  1. You can create a responsive brochure design
  2. Thousands of free brochures templates
  3. You can make the width of your document flexible with text frame fitting
  4. Easily importable to PDF format
  • Topography support and some time-saving effects
  • Newer version not compatible with the older version
Used forPosters, Flyers, Magazines, Brochures, Presentations, Books, eBooks, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS
Pricing$20.99 per month 

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3. Scribus


Scribus is open-source software that particularly used designing layout, typesetting, making brochures design, and creating appealing posters. Scribus can create your animated PDF presentation. This is a great software if you are on Linux and can’t switch to another operating system just for a little while. Scribus supports bitmap formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and PSD.

Vector designs can also be imported easily. The scripting engine of Scribus is built using Python Libraries, which is an immense sea of functionalities. It packs all the necessary elements required to make a design of your imagination. Either you can start from scratch or import a pre-made template and start editing.

Features of Scribus for Designing Brochures:

  1. Support for relinking missing images and texts
  2. A collaborative environment for working 
  3. Easy to use with a simple UI
  4. The imported file keeps the highlight of the original design
  • Free of cost
  • Unable to open INDD files
Used forleaflets, brochures, posters, newsletters, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS, Linux

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4. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher

If you are looking for a product from Microsoft that can serve you as a brochure making software, Microsoft publisher is the right choice. Just leave everything and see if your PC has it installed already.

Microsoft Publishers bears the capably to create a wide variety of publications such as business calendars, brochures design, newsletter, greeting cards, etc. The application is easy to use and even easier if you have experience with Microsoft Word. The platform is an entry-level publishing software targeting small and medium businesses.

Features of Microsoft Publisher for Designing Leaflets:

  1. Professional level filters to images and texts and shapes
  2. Easily handle a very high-resolution image
  3. Can be purchased at an effective price along with other Microsoft utility
  4. Detailed ruler for accurate measurements
  • A friendly work environment
  • Best For Beginners
  • Not compatible with Adobe
Used forCards, Greeting Cards, brochures, newsletters, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS
Pricing1. 1-month free trial
2. $139.99 pro subscription

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5. Affinity Publisher

affinity publisher

Affinity publisher is another alternative to software for brochure designing. It’s not been so far since it has entered the market but still seems to catch up with professionals. With its advanced tools and spectacular layout, you can create a wonderful and creative design.

It has an intelligent scaling option for customization of images. You can link multiple text frames altogether in your design. The software has provided advanced guides and grids to let you create pixel-perfect designs.

Features of Affinity Publisher For Designing Brochures:

  1. Zoom in and zoom out at 60FPS
  2. Autohide tools option for better and bigger design preview
  3. 64-bit multi-core hardware acceleration
  4. Availability of hundreds of professional templates
  • Large scale documents
  • Not a pleasing User Interface
Used forTypography, Magazines, Brochures, Flyers, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS, iOS App Store
Pricing$49.99 single buy

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6. Quark Xpress

quard xpress

Quark Xpress probably the best alternative to Canva and InDesign for creating a brochure or a newsletter. It’s an all-in-one solution for publishers. Until the InDesign and Canva arrived it held 95% of the market share. It tells us how capable the software is.

Quark can handle you from starting to end. It can help you create a brilliant design. you can also create some illustrations for your brochure if you need it. it also has image efficient image editing capabilities to let you manipulate your image without switching into the software. Apart from that, Quark Xpress can also let you make truly responsive design and import into multiple formats available.

Features of Quark Xpress For Designing Brochures:

  1. Simple and Easy to create designs and link images
  2. Measurement ruler available for precision and accuracy
  3. Full-screen display option for your document for clarity
  4. Flip your design and elements horizontally or vertically 
  • Nice paragraph and content styling
  • Lacks transparency gradient
Used forPresentations, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, posters, etc.
Platform AvailabilityClassic Mac OS, Mac OS, Windows 
Pricing$295.00 per year

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7. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark is one of the most demanding tools for creating an eye-catching brochure. Here, you are not required to be professional, since the tools that it provides are user friendly and easy to use. With this software, you can add your own background image to personalize your brochure. You can make the use of beautiful pre-built templates and inspiration galleries to let your mind come with an idea. As soon as you are done with creating, you can share it instantly over the Adobe creative cloud to make an influence.


  • Thousands of free templates and images
  • Availability of creative cloud to easily sync your document over any platform
  • An inspiration gallery for creating trending and compelling designs
  • Steep learning Curve
  • Full Access to Premium Templates
  • Adobe Watermark on exports, although its free application
Used forSocial media posts, animated videos, brochures, posters, etc.
Platform AvailabilityiOS, OS X, Windows, Android
Pricing$9.79 per month $99.99 per year

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8. Lucid Press

lucid press

The powerful editor of the Lucid press can help you create a futuristic brochure design. Either you can start from scratch or choose a template from a hundred professionally designed and highly customizable from its stock. It’s intuitive software for the sake of drag-and-drop. On this platform, you can work collaborate on multiple ideas sharing your thoughts to the people from wherever you are. One good news is that its cross-platform software being browser-based. All you need is a browser and you can start creating things.

Features of Lucid Press For Brochure Designing:

  1. Drag and drag functionality to enhance productivity
  2. Pre-made high-quality templates 
  3. Collaborative tools 
  4. Highly effective end-to-end data encryption
  • Sharing and collaborating from anywhere
  • Quality files only be downloaded in a paid version
Used forBusiness Cards, presentations, leaflets, brochures, newsletters, magazines, posters, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWeb-based
PricingBeginner version free$50.00 per month when upgraded

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9. Swift Publisher

Swift publisher

Swift is another great software for brochure designing. It can let you create engaging designs in a matter of minutes. Swift is packed with all the tools that you will require to create a trending brochure design. It’s highly productive publishing software for desktop.

Other things that you can create with it are flyers booklets, magazines, newsletters, and cards, etc. its stock includes more than 500 professional templates of including templates for bi-fold brochures and tri-fold brochures. To give your work a professional look, it has a wide variety of 2D and 3D heading presets. The only drawback is it’s only available for Mac OS

Features of Swift Publisher For Brochure Designing:

  1. Thousands of high-quality built-in clip art elements
  2. User -Friendly for beginners
  3. More than 400 pre-made high-quality templates
  4. CPU and RAM friendly
  • Pre-made Brochure templates
  • Steep learning Curve
  • Limited tools and fonts
Used forCalendars, newsletters, brochures, posters, catalogs, etc.
Platform AvailabilityMac OS
Pricing$19.99 [one-time payment]

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10. Edraw


Edraw is recommended for making academic brochures or designs like you find in an encyclopedia. It’s a super-powerful diagramming software. It is known for its versatility to create mind mappings. The tools provided are effective as well as productive.

Wrapped in a comfortable looking user-interface, Edraw packs some rich features and exporting choices. Although, the platform is not made particularly for basic designing, but still it can help you in getting a good brochure design. it has some good tools and components for the purpose.

Features of Edraw For Brochure Designing:

  1. Highly recommended for scientific brochures
  2. Ability to create engineering diagrams and mapping 
  3. Drag and Drop feature for faster designing
  4. Lots of pre-designed design templates
  • Availability of samples and a good library
  • Learning curve sky high
  • Not Easy to Find simple designing tools
Used forMind Maps, presentations, leaflets, brochures, etc.
Platform AvailabilityWindows 10, Mac OS, Linux
Pricing$99.00 per year
Perpetual license for $179.00
Lifetime License for $245.00 

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Brochure Designing Software You Should Avoid

SoftwareFocused on
IllustratorLogo designing, diagramming, graphics designing, and illustration making
InkscapeMaking cartoons, clip arts, logo designs, typography, and flow charts
Affinity DesignerVector Graphics designing, illustration making, diagramming
PhotoshopImage manipulation
Corel Drawlogo designing, flexes, invitation cards, vector design
Gimp Image manipulation, retouching, and free-form drawing

Final Verdict:

Have you found the brochure designing software you were looking for. If yes, consider sharing this information with others too.

Have a great day.

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