10 Most Amazing Apps For Writing Quotes on Images

Written By Sourav Kumar

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While posting images on Instagram and Facebook, I struggled with adding beautiful texts to the images. I would have to use some image edit software first to change the colors of images and then through another software, I would add text. But after testing so many apps I came with below given 5 best apps to write quotes and other memes on the images.

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1. Picture Quotes and Creator:

This app has a specific gallery for quotes for almost every occasion and mood. You will find quotes for inspiration, weddings, birthdays, and almost every occasion. I liked this app very much just like the Quote creator app this app also has image filters and editing options. It also has a large collection of font styles.

2. Quote Creator

Picture Quotes and Creator and this app are the close competitors as they have the best-complimenting features. I really enjoy both apps and they have a large set of font styles to choose from. You can also apply multiple types of filters to enhance your images and make them beautiful. You can also make colored background images and add quotes to those images.

3. Picture Quotes and Creator

This app has a unique user interface for beginners, which can help you in making quotes on images within just a few steps. You can also customize the photos as per your need just like other apps on this list. This app is specifically targeted towards new users. You can also make your own collections and add other categories to your collections.

4. Quotes Creator: Write Quotes On Photos

One thing that I liked about this app is the random quote generator which generates a random quote and you can use that for your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page as a morning quote.

This app also lets you create your own images with quotes on them or you can choose images from their gallery. Just like other apps this one also has a large collection of quotes with images with different types of fonts and styles.

5. PixelLab

The one thing that this app stood for is the built-in draw feature which lets you draw over the images with many styles along with 3D text styling and fonts. This app also has tons of image editing features like shadows, brushes, and masks.

It has many image editing features along with features for adding texts. The developers of this app keep adding more images and styles so you will always get new images and pics in the gallery.

6. Picture Quotes:

I like this app for creating greeting cards for birthdays, holidays, or weddings. You can make beautiful and very attention-grabbing greeting cards with this app.

Even, sometimes I use this app to create unique greeting cards for my family members and friends too. You will love its gallery too which already has a great collection of images for quotes and motivational texts.

7. Canva:

Canva is best suited for professional creators, it offers suggestions like the picture size, font style, and color based on the previous images that you created in it. And, it also has plenty of professional tools to give images a personal look and feel. 

Canva has more than 4.7 Star ratings on the Google play store and has more than 50 million downloads on the play store. I like this app as this is the only app on this list which is Editor’s Choice but a beginner may get confused while working with this app.

8. Quotes Creator:

I liked this app’s feature to add more than one quote on the images and it also offers a very large image gallery to choose the best image as per your requirement. This app’s text editor is really unique and gives full control over the editing feature within just one screen.

You can write quotes on images on the go and post them. I really liked its pure white user-friendly interface with the dark mode which you can switch while working in the night.

9. Text on Photo – Fontmania:

If you want to create largely art & graphics wallpaper, this app is for you. You can create a Graphics wallpaper, add text, rotate or cut pictures as per your need.

This app is specifically built for making beautiful images for social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can add other images within images and make collages too. Its font collection is also very unique and you can change the style and color of every word or alphabet to put emphasis on them.

10. Geulgram:

Geulgram has a very minimalistic design and offers you a really simple interface to work with. On the first screen, you can find options like writing on images background from your gallery or app gallery.

You can also choose to write on color backgrounds, which in itself is a unique feature. You can find the settings for images editing, font style, color, size, and filters one by one and can use them to edit images. 

I personally liked the user interface which offers all the choices in very few options. And, it’s developers keep updating the app’s main gallery for more and more content.

I hope you will now find it easy to write amazing quotes on your desired images. Thanks for reading.

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