10 Best MATLAB Alternatives [For Beginners and Professionals]

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Are you looking for the best MATLAB Alternatives to use in 2021? Well, I have a list of top-rated and highly advanced software that will replicate most of the features of Matlab. Some of them may offer much more advanced features than the MATLAB itself. So, let’s know about each of them and the ones why you should use them.

What is MATLAB and why you may need its alternative?

MATLAB (also known as Matrix Laboratory) is a programming language used to deal with high-level visual mathematical problems. These problems include data-visualization, plotting 3D curves, and solving a complex algebraic equation.

These problems are impossible for a human to solve and at the same time, also impossible to visualize the probability of business profit. Hence, we use an advanced programming language-based library called MATLAB. It provides a friendly environment.

You can also code the problems and crack the possible solutions. No problem if the solution needs a histogram for clean analysis, or plotting a graph to get the recent trough and crest. The platform has all the features built-in. you can also download the data graphs and plots and can share it with your colleagues.

MATLAB is useful in almost every engineering course. This programming platform needs some basic knowledge of a programming language. Preferred languages are JAVA, C, C++, and Python, if you want to be good at MATLAB.

One thing that you should keep in mind is the price of the package. It can cost you hundreds of dollars for a single license. If you are not in any organization. the stuff can cost you much more. Also, converting MATLAB to other language codes is a tough job. These are two main reasons why you should pick a good MATLAB alternative for you.

Thank god! There are alternatives available. Let’s have a look at all those popular software like MATLAB below.

Best MATLAB Alternatives 2021 [Free & Paid]

1. GNU Octave

gnu octave homepage screenshot

GNU Octave an open-source alternative to MATLAB. It is interactive and powerful featuring everything you need in one place.

It has the ultimate tools for solving problems from any corner of mathematics. It primarily focusses on numerical computations but that doesn’t disqualify it for extensive data manipulations and visualizations.

Octave ‘s capability is hidden from no one because it’s one of the widely used software by data scientists.

The reason is it’s an open-source application means absolutely free to use.

No money-trouble using any library. The octave’s code and UI are also quite similar to MATLAB which is a plus point over scores of already dominating features.

Either you want to do the mathematical computation, or to visualize a data-set, you have this great MATLAB alternative right in your hand.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

2. Scilab

Scilab image

It’s also an open-source technical computational package and a decent alternative to MATLAB.

It includes all the necessary mathematical function which can be used to do any sort of numerical analysis, data visualization, algorithm development, and function optimization, etc.

Scilab has 1700 mathematical functions for engineering applications and data analysis. You can also use Scilab to solve various constrained and unconstrained problems such as shape and topology optimizations etc.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

3. Maple

maple website screenshot

Next that comes in our list is Maple from Maplesoft. It’s an essential mathematical tool for education, engineering, and research.

It is known to have the most powerful math engine with a very comprehensible interface to make the outcomes easy to analyze, and visualize.

It can solve problems from any branch of mathematics such as Statistics, linear algebra, group theory, calculus, differential equation, number theory, etc.

Over 5000 functions cover every computation in mathematics. Thanks to its one plus point that it can connect with MATLAB as well.

Apart from applied mathematics, it also features, control design, financial modeling, and statistical data analysis.

In Maple, the code you write is shorter, easier to read, debug, and maintain. It keeps the document clean and comprehensible

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

4. Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram mathematica website screenshot

Wolfram Mathematica is packed with features that make your computations super-easy. Mathematica can handle any visualizations or plot with ease.

It has over 5000 built-in functions covering each and everything thing of technical computing. They are so blended that they work perfectly, no issue if you want to plot an instant graph or histogram.

The platform doesn’t stick with just numbers but includes other features like machine learning, image processing, data visualization, and much more.

You can’t even imagine how deep and capable its algorithms are. With a pleasing UI and dynamic graphics, everything looks well organized and maintained.

All the way, when it comes to coding, the functions are defined with English-like names which is easy to read, write, and learn.

The documentation center has 15000 + examples. You can start with a basic project following one from them

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

5. SageMath

Sagemath software image

SageMath has the ability to solve extremely complicated problems from elementary, advanced, and applied mathematics.

SageMath has a python-like syntax which as everyone knows is easiest in terms of writing learning and debugging.

Like others, SageMath also features 2D and 3D graph plotting. And similar to Jupyter if you have heard about, it has a browser-based notebook which is decent from the viewpoint of the interface. It can also be accessed from the command line.

In this notebook, you can beautifully create anything, delete input, and share it across the world. SageMath is most helpful for students in my point of view. It lets you create a beautifully organized notebook.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

6. Julia

Julia language matlabe alternative image

Julia is a dynamic programming language for technical computing. It has a large mathematical library for sophisticated calculations.

The language is best in terms of data visualization and graph plotting. You can write your code to different problems, statically compile it or even deploy it on the server.

Julia despite being a programming language is built as a tool to solve mathematical problems in the first place. There should be no compromise, so, it’s great news that the editor has a built-in interface to write code in various programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python.

Talking about its capability, Julia can load multidimensional datasets and can perform various actions on them with total ease. Julia has over 13 million downloads as of today. It’s the proof of its flexibility

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

7. AnyLogic

Anylogic matlab alternative image

It’s an open-source MATLAB alternative that can deal with the biggest business problem.

The software has gained reputations among big firms like Vodafone and Google for its simplicity to solve dynamic business problems.

Not only these two, but thousands of other organizations and institutions love AnyLogic.

The package has the capability to switch between 2D and 3D view of a flowchart. AnyLogic is packed with a wide set of graphical objects such as buildings, roads, vehicles, and so on.

It’s more focused on animations and visualizations. You can make great use of it in terms of graphical mathematics.

AnyLogic don’t stops here but covers a variety of other industry-specific tools such as Rail library, pedestrian library, and road traffic library, etc.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

8. Mathcad

mathcad image

Another alternative to MATLAB is Mathcad. it has easy integration with Microsoft Excel. The feature can be utilized to directly load the dataset or showcase your work.

Mathcad can quickly solve linear and non-linear differential equations.

It features advanced numeric and custom functions to solve various problems 100 times faster. It provides you a comprehensible notebook for the representation of designs charts, texts, and plots that you have made.

It also has the capability to visualize a complex solution in a 3D model which is a lot better to understand

Supported Operating Systems: Windows

Official Site

9. Maxima

maxima software website screenshot

The next alternative of MATLAB is Maxima, a computer algebra system for manipulating numerical expressions such as differential integration, Laplace transform, ordinary differential equations, Taylor series and system of linear equations, etc.

Besides being open-source, Maxima is a very precise tool that calculates exact fractions, and floating-point numbers. The built-in functions can plot 2D as well as 3D plots for crisp and clear visualization.

Maxima is extracted from Macsyma, a computer algebra system developed in the late 1960s by MIT. Maxima is frequently updated to fix bugs for a more optimized coding experience

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site

10. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architect

As the name represents, the platform is extremely optimized for industry-level performance. It can load multi-dimensional datasets in a matter of seconds. The flexibility of this platform to hold up with any sized organizations makes it a better choice than others.

It supports enterprise-level architecture frameworks such as UPDM and TOGAF. Of course, mathematical calculations are at the fingertip of this application. It can help you to build straight-forward diagrams. Packed with some high-end tools, it helps you to analyze and visualize, running software.

Handling the model can be a nightmare without tracking, and assigning critical tasks. You can manage a model more conveniently on this platform. It can be done with ease and you can also monitor progress visually.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Official Site


I hope this article has helped you to choose the right MATLAB Alternative for you. Make sure to share this article with others too.

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