Top 10 Best Software For Making Educational Videos

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Are you looking for a good software to create impressive educational videos for any purpose? Whether you are a teacher, online trainer, or YouTube channel owner, you may feel the need for this software at any time.

Fortunately, on the internet, you have numerous options to choose from. Different online platforms are also there to help you with everything when it comes to creating interactive educational videos.

Will your first training video be created? Or do you have expertise already and want a new tool to upgrade? The 10 best instructional content management programs have been analyzed and measured. Because the design of the software varies. Take a look to find the right way to suit your particular needs.

1. ISpring Suite

ISpring Package is a completely functioning writer place for creating video tutorials via the camera or audio recording of your show.

iSpring Suite image

The software has all the functionality required to globalize your tutorials. You can, for example, add titles, annotations, and images, create visual indications and apply the effects and transition.

You can create interactive quizzes to measure the understanding of learners following the tutorials. You can also create slideshows, dialog simulations, and experiences with iSpring Software. 

Features of ISpring Software For Making educational videos:

  1. The iSpring Suite consists of 4 components for authoring:

a) an iSpring add-in

b) a quiz editor

c) an interaction editor 

d) conversation simulator 

  1. PowerPoint-to-Video, YouTube, and iSpring Cloud storage are other components included in the publishing app.
  1. iSpring Converter Pro transforms Powerpoint submissions to electronic submissions.
  1. It supports PowerPoint standard features such as animation, transition effects and storytelling.

Price: $770 Per Year

2. TechSmith Camtasia

Camtasia is a user-friendly screen recorder with powerful video editing capability. Like iSpring, you can record, record and insert any part of the screen with your webcam and support the audio, images, and text screencast. 

techsmith camtasia image

Camtasia has a full set of animations, including a green-screen video effects. You can add your own music or choose a track from Camtasia’s royalty free music collection to make a lesson more interactive. You should incorporate queries and interactive content to engage your learners and assess learning in your tutorials.

Most impressively, Camtasia is a suitable software that will allow you to give a much more professional touch to your tutorial videos.

Features of Camtasia for making educations videos:

  1. Automatic audio leveling and other audio controlling features
  2. Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  3. Lots of transitions to choose from
  4. Easy to insert external files through screen capturing
  5. Text block for annotations
  6. PDF import support

Price: $249. Free trial for 30 days.

3. Ashampoo Snap 10

Ashampoo Snap 10 is another great tool that easily captures your screen or makes online tutorial videos in an effective manner. It helps you to create self understandable steps and to convert your screencasts into video guides by adding arrows, maps, automatic counting and visualized mouse clicks and keystrokes. 

Ashampoo snap image

You can import your videos as GIF Animations and email them to your students, upload or save them to the Ashampoo Webspace for all common cloud services such as DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive. 

Features of Ashampoo Snap for making educational videos:

  1. Capture and edit the contents of any screen.

2. Develop your own videos in real time.

3. Works with every type of screen.

4. Ideal for content on the Web.

5. Great video editing capabilities.

6. Submit or transfer to the cloud securely

 Price: $39.99 with a 10 days trial.

4. Filmora Scrn

The Filmora Scrn software is an online lecture program which allows you to easily edit your tutorials and provides a secure and seamless monitoring experience. You can simultaneously record and create photographic videos from your computer and webcam.

Filmora scrn image

You can incorporate pictures, video clips, music, notes, colored circles, and arrows to create impressive learning content for your audience. The software has PIP, high FPS, customizable cursor, and various other features in it.

To record screen and and edit it in an impressive way becomes easy when you have Filmora Scrn in your computer.

Features of Filmora Scrn for making educational videos:

  1. The software allows you to export the demos, MP4, Video, and GIF in various formats.

2. Full suite of video editing 

3. Display and webcam simultaneously

4. Support for 15-120 FPS

5. Custom field of recording 

6. Custom annotations

 Price: 1 year $19.99 or life time $29.99

5. Panopto

Panopto is a multi-camera video capture powered online video platform. It allows you to capture video on your display and, with the help of a webcam, a camcorder, and more, to record an unlimited number of video feeds.

panopto image

It’s quick to remove unnecessary portions from the Panopto video viewer, switch between various video streams and even add quizzes, polls, and surveys. With Panopto, you can stream your video tutorials live and post automatically at the end of the broadcast. 

Features of Panopto for making educational videos:

  1. Record of submission 

2. Easy evaluation of video

3. Drag and Drop videos to upload

4. Live Streaming and video management

5. Lecture capturing

 Price: By request

6. Active Presenter 8

ActivePresenter provides a wide range of resources needed for screencast, annotation, video editing, and immersive HTML5 eLearning content. You can produce high-quality and polished video tutorials with different styles of lines / texts and shadow effects. 

active represented software image

The software is capable of helping you with screen recording along with an effective video and audio editing. You can create interactive elearning games, quizzes and various other things using this software.

The software has a responsive design along with a great performance on any sort of device. Also, it is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Features of Active Presenter 8 for making educational videos:

  1. Import Demonstrations of PowerPoint

2. HTML packages are integrated 

3. Interactive user interface with smart capture

4. Full motion recording

5. Webcam recording

6. Green screen effect

7. Various export options including HTML, Video, and SCORM

Price: A free plan is available. The paid release begins at $199.

7. Flashback

You can record your screen, sound, and webcam with FlashBack. It contains a feature-packed video editor where you can use text, sounds, images, blur, highlights, warning marks, and interactive buttons to create a fascinating video tutorial. 

flashback software image

You can upload your tutorials directly to YouTube or create interactive tutorials videos for your YouTube Audience.

WIth this software, you will find it easy to create video tutorials, training videos, and other sort of educational content.

Features of Flashback for making educational videos:

  1. Record at upto 30 FPS

2. Record screen in fullscreen, boxed, or windows mode

3. Webcam recording is supported

4. Multi-device capturing

5. Quick Export and Direct YouTube uploading

6. Fully featured editing timeline for professional video editing

Price: $99. Free trial for 30 days.

8. WireWax Studio

WIREWAX STUDIO is known as a great software to create impressive interactive videos. It will allow you to create highly informational videos that can provide the viewers with a good learning experience.


An interactive video editing timeline is there to help you get amazing results for video alterations.

It helps viewers to choose the way to toggle between scenes or images and to switch camera views. In other words, this software is another great option to choose as your educational video making software.

Features of WIREWAX Studio for making educational videos:

  1. Turn any video with little to no effort into a linked , Interactive video. 

2. WIREWAX senses images and objects automatically 

3. Access to its intelligent media asset management feature

4. Video Analytic feature

Price: On demand

9) Rapt Media

Rapt Media is a cloud-based tool for building immersive visual training content. The software is suitable for both personal and enterprise usages.

Rapt Media website screenshot

You can connect clickable elements and divisions with a quick drag and Drop Composer, enabling viewers to follow the road. You can then add your easily add immersive graphics, charts, texts, or other things to make your videos helpful for the students.

Features of RAPT Media for creating educational videos:

  1. Tools for imaginative concept and the branching story 

2. Edit and export video as usual with favorite post-production tools. Instead, just import and add creative components using a drag & drop app. 

3. Create an interactive story that brings power into the hands of the viewer (choose a model for your own adventure). 

4. Inbuilt web browsers and every computer worldwide, the HTML5 platform works. 

5. A highly flexible, yet powerful visual editor allows you to concentrate on your ideas and move quickly to realize your creative vision. 

Price: On demand. Free trial for 30 days

10. Kaltura

Kaltura is a video platform to help you convert any video easily into an interactive experience. You can develop optional paths to let students “choose their own adventure,” enhance interactive quizzed video-based learning, and add hotspots. Viewers can choose the speed, repeat, and path of the lesson as per their preferences.

kaltura homepage image

Features of Kaltura for making educational videos:

  1. Support for HTML5 (even though Flash is used for video) 

2. Screen Reader 

3. Easily accessible controls

4. Compliant for Colorblind 

5. Keyboard shortcuts support 

6. Sliders for the monitoring head volume

Price: On demand. Free trial for 30 day

Final Verdict:

I hope you will find this article helpful to choose the right software for making educational videos. Share it with others if you found it helpful..

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