Top 10 Free Tumblr Alternatives [2021]

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Let’s discuss some popular Tumblr alternatives in this article. Let’s know about some popular blogging and software that will work great as an alternative to Tumblr. Firstly, let’s know some important things about Tumblr and then we will proceed. Get more information about Tumblr on Wikipedia.

What is Tumblr and why it is popular?

Most people who are new to using the Internet for blogging use Tumblr as their primary blogging tool. You don’t have to be a brand new blogger to use it. But there are some features that you should know about if you want to continue to use it later.

One of the most important things that you need to know is that this tool allows you to save your posts and blog comments online. This makes it easy for you to get more visitors to your site. It is a great tool to use because it allows you to quickly post your blog entries.

Using Tumblr is really easy. But it is still necessary for you to learn how to use it. It will help you to create your own internet blog. Now, let’s know some drawbacks of using Tumblr as your social media or blogging platform.

The reasons why people are looking for Tumblr Alternative

Lots of people search for tumbler alternatives on the Internet. Besides, its advantages as a social media and blogging tool, there are lots of competitors available on the internet. Let’s know more about why people search for an alternative to Tumblr.

On the surface, Tumblr is a social networking site where people can share their thoughts and express themselves through photos, links, and text. It is an easy way to express yourself and socialize on the internet. The most obvious drawback is that it is difficult to find a permanent home for your blog on the web.

While you can move your blog anywhere you want, Tumblr’s servers are slow and can take up to 24 hours before they accept your new blog.

However, for bloggers who don’t have a lot of storage space or a tight budget, Tumblr is an affordable option. The only downfall is that the site is hard to update and maintain. But this is a flaw that will get worked out as the popularity of Tumblr grows

In the meantime, blogging has never been easier than it is on Tumblr. There are just under 200 million blogs on the site and these blogs are updated constantly. Users are able to upload pictures and links in the form of an RSS feed. This makes their posts automatically picked up by Twitter, Facebook, and Digg.

Because of these and several other reasons, people keep finding Tumblr alternative. Happily, in this article below, we are going to discuss the popular platforms which are the best alternatives to Tumblr.

Best Tumblr alternative To Use in 2021

Below, we are going to discuss some popular alternatives to Tumblr. So, whether you want to establish a new blog or just use social media like Tumblr, the list will surely be helpful for you. Let’s reveal all these Tumblr alternative platforms one by one.

WordPress [Most-Popular Tumblr Alternative]

You probably already know about WordPress and its popular blogging platform and a leading tumblr alternative. The number of WordPress users continues to grow as more people discover the power and versatility of this web-based publishing platform. Because of its amazing offerings for bloggers, it becomes a great tumblr alternative available online.

WordPress (A leading tumblr alternative)

These days it seems like everyone has a blog. Blogs are the new way to communicate and in some cases the only way to communicate these days. They help you get out into the world and share information with your friends and family that otherwise wouldn’t be possible to find or see in the traditional media.

With the different models of blogging, you are going to want to choose which one fits your needs. Are you looking for a blog that is easy to update or would you rather start fresh? Are you worried about the style of blog you choose to create? WordPress offers all of the functionality and convenience you could possibly need. Because of its various other features, it becomes a leading platform as a tumblr alternative.

You have the wide variety of plugins to help with a variety of themes for you to choose from. You will also have the option to easily customize your blogs with the different plug-ins that will help give your site the extra pizzazz that you need.

Reddit [Free Tumblr Alternative]

Reddit is another popular tumblr alternative available for everyone to use. It is a social media as well as discussion, website content rating, and news aggregation platform.


There are two places to turn when you need to submit your Reddit photos. The second place that you should look for photos on tumblr is at one of the larger sites, like Digg, or StumbleUpon. Both of these sites have large communities that can use your pictures.

It might seem like a waste of time to spend so much time getting your pictures approved and distributed when you are only focusing on the big picture. That is not a good idea though.

Tumblr has over 250 million users and has more than half a billion page views per month. That is a lot of people that are interested in your pictures. If you do not get approved on either Reddit or tumblr you will be putting all your hard work and effort into nothing.

A good point to remember is that no matter what your photos look like, it is worth your time to do a little work. You can submit your pictures anywhere on the internet. Reddit is one of the best places which you can use in the place of Tumblr. It will allow you to surf through numerous photos, videos, chats, and reviews.

So, if you want to submit your pictures to Reddit, it can serve you as the best alternative to Tumblr. This website has been around for many years and has gained a great reputation. People will trust what you have to say and even if they do not give your article a vote they will still be able to see it.

Blogger [Most-Used Tumblr Alternative]

Blogger is a highly popular free blogging platform available as a popular tumblr alternative as well.

It is one of the most popular blogging platforms. There are a lot of Blogger users on the Internet. There are many webmasters who use this platform to start their own blogs. This blog platform is extremely popular on the internet because it offers a wide range of options for blogging.


With this platform, you can choose your favorite niche and blogging strategies. It has various features that allow you to choose from among different themes and ideas. This platform is based on WordPress technology.

If you have a free account on Blogger, you can choose your favorite themes and create an account. This free account allows you to manage your blogs using its search function. However, if you are interested in having advanced functionality, you will have to upgrade your account to become a premium user. So, because of its innovative offerings, it becomes the best tumblr alternative too.

If you want to take advantage of Tumblr, you can use it for adding blogs that are similar to the blogs you already have on Blogger. You can just update your blog using this platform and add new posts and links to the blogs you already have. For this purpose, you will have to know how to update a blog using Tumblr.

One more benefit of Tumblr is that it can help you get more traffic to your blog. The more traffic you get, the more popular your blog will be.

Medium [Premium Tumblr Alternative]

Medium is also ranked as a top tumblr alternative. Although, it is a free and paid writer platform with more than 7 million articles. But, it can serve as a great platform to share your views with others.

Medium has recently become the go-to website for all things Tumblr. For a while, I didn’t know that it existed, but finally, I went to use their search box to find “Tumblr alternative”. Wow, that’s a strange thing to put into the search box, but took care of it! I was shocked at how many results I found and was very impressed with the quality of these search results.

Medium (A tumblr alternative cum writing platform)

The best way to describe is a hybrid between a blog and a website. Everything is laid out very easy to use, and they seem to have a lot of information about almost anything that you can think of. With everything laid out in a very user-friendly way, you just might find that you end up finding your own Tumblr alternative.

The best part of is that they allow you to add pages and a timeline as well as videos to your own Tumblr account. They have a great community that allows you to create your own account and add links from your other accounts, which makes it very easy to follow everyone else who’s making a presence for themselves in the community.

Finding something new can be a challenge, but when you have a place that will help you with everything, you’ll find everything easier. You can keep everything in one spot, or split it between two places. Either way, will give you everything that you need to get your very own Tumblr alternative.


NewsGrounds is a less known but a great tumblr alternative available for free. Using as a home base for your blog or webpage is the easiest and best way to gain traffic online, in my opinion.


The top blog platforms are now all WordPress-based and so NewsGrounds, which is a completely free service, is a great option for anyone who wants to start a blog on the Internet.

If you already have a domain, you can go to a directory such as GoDaddy and then choose to create a WordPress blog from their list of templates, which is great if you’re just starting out with your blog. I always recommend doing this first, because it helps to get a feel for what it is you want to write about, and gives you a good idea of what kind of themes you prefer to use.

The reason this is so important is that most people will join Tumblr at least once, or several times, and then they’re more than likely to leave it and not come back unless they come across an article that they like or something they just need to get from the internet. This is what you need to happen if you want to make money blogging.

Make your blog a platform where people can find you, and make them come back to it again, and eventually, they’ll click through to your site to buy whatever it is you have to offer. Blogging is easier than ever with the top blogging platforms, and that’s something you need to start making happen right away if you want to get off to a fast start with your blog.

I know how to use social bookmarking to the best of my ability, but even after creating a blog. So, with the help of NewsGrounds, you can easily get the benefits that the tumblr may not provide.

Pinterest [Image-Oriented Tumblr Alternative]

Being one of the top photo-sharing platforms, Pinterest is also a great tumblr alternative available for free.

Pinterest and Tumblrs are two completely different things. But, when it comes to sharing and watching the images, Pinterest is a tough competitor to Tumblr. The actual applications themselves are similar but very different in their social systems. Tumblrs offer the ability to search for items and pin them.

Pinterest (the best tumblr alternative)

You can browse friend’s pictures and if there’s something you like, click “pin” it. This allows you to save a picture on your own computer and share it with other users.

Sharing your favorite images is a good way to stay in touch with the people you care about. Even though Pinterest and Tumblrs look very similar, they have completely different uses. As a whole, I would recommend Tumblrs to my friends and recommend them to everyone I know.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is a social site that helps you build a community around one specific hobby or activity. I would not be embarrassed to send a link to a friend using Pinterest. It’s quick and easy and is a very effective tool to help you learn about someone.

Pinterest and Tumblrs also offer different ways to share your photos. Pinterest allows you to use the share button while Tumblrs allows you to use the share icons. When you are finding a good alternative to tumblr, Pinterest could be the best option for you.

Deviant Art

This platform serves great as a tumblr alternative with its media sharing features. You can share digital arts, images, videos, graphics, and several other things on Deviant Art.

Deviant art (best alternate to tumblr)

When I first heard about the pros and cons of Deviant Art and Tumblrs, I was torn between which one I wanted to use. My personal motto was “get the best tumblr alternative”. I still say that to this day but after looking at the facts for a few months, I think that the top two are tumblr and deviant art.

My first thought was “tumblr is a great asset for finding inspiration”. However, since I am not a creative person I find myself constantly searching tumblr for new designs. By the end of the day, I’ve already found a dozen designs and at times, I just don’t feel inspired anymore. If I like a design enough to buy it, I will probably download the sketch to try it out before I purchase it so I can make sure it’s what I want before spending money on it.

If you want to use both, the best tumblr alternative is deviant art. This is an established site and if you use their templates and designs, you will have a professional-looking tumblr. If you aren’t a designer, you can build an account and post your own designs. There are many other features that are available too such as a drag and drop feature and the ability to add a blog or a tumblr gallery.

Another advantage that deviantart has over tumblr is that you can edit your art as often as you like. I enjoy making my own designs because I have control of how much exposure I receive for my art. One thing that I really like about using the site is that you can mix and match images. For example, I have different pieces of artwork for each of my accounts so that I can select the image I want to use depending on the occasion.

If you are looking for the best tumblr alternative, then deviant art is the way to go. If you are ready to jump ship from tumblr and start using deviant art, then I recommend that you try it. I didn’t spend all that time and money getting hundreds of tumblr users to like my pictures and then I decided to just use deviant art.

The reason why I choose to use deviant art instead of another alternative to tumblr is that it gives me control over my designs. I love being able to create my own design that has its own “style” or personality. Now, I have the advantage of using tumblr for the best backdrop for my pictures as well!


Have you heard about Ello ever? Well, it could be a great tumblr alternative when you use it adequately.

Tired of your old website and want to replace it with a brand new one? Well then you need an alternative to tumblr. You can find a wide variety of blogs online but you cannot find a blog that is really worthy of your attention in your tumblr alternative. But, when you are bored of tumblr too, Ello can help you a lot.

Ello (A great tumblr alternative)

A blog like Twitter or Facebook is not a social media site. It is more of a social media platform. It is mainly used to share photos, comments and videos on a specific event, band or business. When you are looking for an alternative to tumblr it should not be about sharing photos or videos but about the heart of the person.

The best alternative to tumblr is a blog that is dedicated to writing and sharing your thoughts. An example of this is Ello. Ello is a blog that allows you to post your content related to a particular topic. You can create a profile page where you can display your content and also a message board. So instead of your boring personal profile you can have a dedicated area where you can focus on sharing your thoughts and opinions with others.

Ello is an ad-free and no-cost service. It allows you to make and share your posts freely on the Internet. You can also showcase your favorite pictures and videos to your friends and family.

A great thing about Ello is that it gives you an advantage over other sites that claim to be “free” because you do not have to pay to join. Ello has paid memberships but is free for you to use for your blogging purposes. This makes it easier for you to monetize your blog. You can also share your links with others.

Ello has the basic features for a blog that you can add to your website. One of the important features thatEllo does not offer yet is social networking. You can still promote your site with social bookmarking and link building. Ello also offers search capabilities. This makes it easy for you to find the right topics and tags for your own blogging.

Ello is a blog that allows you to create and promote your site in a very simple and effective way. In other words, Ello is a nice blog alternative to tumblr.


Mastodon is another popular and open-source platform that works great as a tumblr alternative. It has a community space like redding and micro-blogging offerings as Twitter.

Mastodon (A tumblr Alternative)

As you may know, Mastodon is a social networking platform that is used in a similar way as tumblr. What you may not know is that tumblr is also an online community of user-generated content. It is sort of like a blog but different because there are fewer limitations when it comes to posting and commenting.

Unfortunately, blogging on mastodon is limited in the same way because a user can only have one blog. There are no such things as a blogroll or blogs with thousands of pages, so every time a new blog is created, it cannot be moved to the first page.

With the idea of limitation already established, the next question is what about marketing on Mastodon? Can you advertise your products on the site? What is your advertisement on Mastodon like? What is the easiest way to attract customers?

Most people use social networks like tumblr to post their comments or share their content with other users. For example, you might create a new comment on a blog that you found there. People who see this comment will most likely see it as very valuable.

Most large companies try to market with Mastodon. For example, Yammer, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also try to market your business through PPC (pay per click) campaigns.

You can also start posting helpful comments and adding links to your website, but do not forget to take care not to add too many spammy articles. Remember, the people on Mastodon are fellow Mastodon users who like to share their views and ideas with others.

Finally, remember to add great content to your website, and this will attract more potential customers to visit your site. As long as you do all of this, you should find success on Mastodon. It is important to follow the above-mentioned rules and marketing tips to help your website succeed.

Twitter [Another Free Tumblr Alternative]

Twitter can also work great as a tumblr alternative. It is popular as a micro-blogging and social media platform with numerous advantages similar to the tumblr.

A lot of people have started to look for new and better alternatives to Blogspot and blogger. And one of the options that are commonly used is Twitter. But is Twitter really a good alternative to tumblr?

In fact, many people have started to check whether it is really worthy or not. If you would ask people why they use twitter instead of tumblr, the responses that you will get will be totally different from each other. So let’s find out why Twitter is a good alternative to tumblr.


First of all, Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networking sites that is used by millions of people every day. This means that there is a lot of users who are already using this site, which means that the quality of the updates on the site is high. Moreover, twitter has also created a lot of useful features that are greatly appreciated by its users.

Twitter was also created as a place where people can talk about almost anything, including their personal and professional life. So there are lots of people who enjoy being connected with their friends. When you start using twitter, you will find that you don’t have to worry about things because you can easily connect with people who share the same interests. Therefore, you will find that you can have fun and stay connected with your friends in a simple way.

Secondly, twitter is a place where people can get an opportunity to interact with one another. Because of this, you will find that people will want to stay connected with others. You can simply start chatting with your friends and be able to find out some valuable information from them as well.

The process of starting a new account on twitter was never simpler and easier. If you would ask someone if they want to join twitter, you will find that you can get many different answers. For example, you will find that a lot of people would just use twitter because they want to see the replies from their friends.

Therefore, if you would ask people why twitter is a good alternative to tumblr, you will find that most people will say that it is because of its fast growth and its extensive feature. Also, if you would check why people use twitter instead of tumblr, you will find that lots of people like to keep in touch with their friends.

Final Verdict

I hope this article will help you to find out the best tumblr alternative easily. Share this article with others so that they can also know about these platforms. Also, do not forget to share your valuable feedback in the comment sections. It will help me to improve in the future.

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