Top 10 Best Network Topology and Mapping Software

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Network topology is a way of arranging networks for better understanding and efficient troubleshooting of a particular network, without touching other connections. Networks can be arranged in many ways but most of them are ineffective.

Administrators must find the best option according to the scale and goals of their business and also keep an eye on the budget decided. Not up to the mark configuration management, visual mapping, and general performance monitoring may destroy your task and push you to the big loss. So, it’s important that your topology is well furnished including a legible description of how links and nodes are arranged.

So, if you are looking to make the most out of this technology for your business, you should make sure to pick the right software package for you. Lot’s of mapping, diagram, and network topology software are there for you. But, here I am with the top 10 best topology software which will offer the most advanced results.

List of Top 10 Network Topology and Mapping Software


SolarWind helps businesses to manage their network infrastructure in a very efficient way. It’s made to help you locate issues in the network, troubleshoot and fix them, and increase the performance of your network. It has network autodiscovery ability which can discover devices connected to your network through v1-v3, WMI, ICMP, Vmware, and Hyper-V.

It helps you in instant creation of the map and once its created you have core details about each network which can be used as information later on for future troubleshooting.

Features of Solarwind:

  1. Suited for mid-large organizations.
  2. Automatically finds new devices.
  3. Complex path visualization.
  4. Advanced alerting if VPN tunnels are down.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is a well-known tool for its mapping ability in various segments. Microsoft Visio Professional is currently running on Windows 10 Server, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2009 R2, and Windows Server 2012. 

Windows 7 might not be a great choice these days.

The topology gives a crystal clear concept of network setups with great visuals. The platform has many more diagram construction tools than any other platform. In fact, other programs are somewhat inspired by its capability of extraordinary graphical representation.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t have a network auto-discovery feature, but there is a fix to that. You can install an add-on called Visio Connector for Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. For most types of network topology and mapping works, this software can perfectly help you with everything.

Features of Microsoft Visio:

  1. Easy and handy creation of diagrams, flowcharts, floor plans, topography, and so on.
  2. Easy collaboration with teams.
  3. Real-time data manipulation with applied shape formatting.
  4. Availability of browser-based application.


Intermapper is a user-friendly application with very few options available. But, if you looking for a solid network mapper, it’s made for you. The application uses SNMP to auto-discover networks. As soon as it scans the network, it starts creating a map of your network environment. You can also use Intermapper as a network monitoring tool. You will receive a notification when a new device comes into your radar.

You will also be notified when a particular device fails or needs troubleshooting. The only drawback that can be scary is its price with such an outdated user-interface. Though, the free version can monitor 10 devices at a time which is no big a deal. Known as one of the top network monitoring software, it can help you with various other things too.


  1. It has an auto-discovery feature similar to SolarWind.
  2. The platform clean and User-friendly.
  3. Fix issues fast and easily with Network Automation.
  4. Availability of network monitoring tool.


Lucidchart is a browser-based mapping software with the ability to create your network topology straight from scratch with a default template that it provides. This helps you create a pipeline before customizing according to your present physical environment. Lucidchart diagrams can hold up with a wide range of network infrastructure and represent elements provided by Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Cisco.

The software has lots of offerings for Org chart and other types of business works. When it comes to picking this tool for designing works, it can help you in a perfect manner.

Features of Lucidchart:

  1. Being a browser-Based application, its available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.
  2. Ability to automatically visualize architecture.
  3. Tag a question to members of your team to respond to a certain issue.
  4. Available at flexible prices.

ConceptDraw Pro

Next in our list is ConceptDraw pro. It’s an easy-to-use business diagramming software that ensures productivity in the future. Its most leading business solution packed with pre-made templates and thousand of stencils for quick mapping. It provides all the tools to create a mapping efficiently, and comes in the category of think less and do more platforms with rapid flowchart technology for Network Mapping, Concept Maps, Data Flow Diagrams visualization and many more. A plus point is its UI, it will not bother you if you have experienced Microsoft Office Suite.

The tool has immersive offerings for different sorts of designing works for the businesses. Mindmapping feature is also there with its easy to use interface. Different drawing tools are available to offer users with great usability.

Features of ConceptDraw Pro:

  1. Collaborative communication and presentation facilities.
  2. Availability of a hundred Stencils library.
  3. Compatible with Microsoft Viscio.
  4. Rapid Flowchart Technology.


Edraw is a powerful diagramming software that allows you do draw flowcharts, UML diagrams, network maps, office layouts, etc. It comes with thousands of pre-built templates that will save you a lot of time that is spent in starting from scratch. It helps you draw anything in a fashioned way pointing out important ideas and concepts for a better understanding. You can import diagram files from Drive and Dropbox which is an associative thing. Edraw is packed with 280+ latest representative diagrams including electrical, network, architecture, and even Venn diagram which is quite helpful for engineering students also.

The software is widely utilized in different industries to perform accurate and reliable designing and mapping works. So, you can also start using it as your network topology software easily. It will surely offer you lots of advantages.

Features of Edraw:

  1. Edraw is a Cross-platform software, being browser-based.
  2. Allows import files from Microsoft Visio and export in various formats such as PDF, Word, JPG, etc.
  3. Real-time team member collaboration.
  4. 280+ Modern templates for business, research, and education.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a tool to monitor systems, devices, traffic, and applications in your network infrastructure. It has PRTG sensors and SQL queries to monitor a particular data set from your database. It’s an all-in-one application to monitor and visualize all the cloud computing services and application that is currently running on your network in graphical representation and also create maps to show you the current information of your branches. You can troubleshoot easily if a problem is detected. You can also create maps manually using drag-n-drop map editor but it can be time-consuming.

So, whether you want this tool for monitoring, designing, or visualizing tasks, it will surely offer you amazing advantages. There are lots of other reasons why you should use this software as your network topology tool. Some reasons are as follows.

Features of PRTG Network Monitor:

  1. No need to install any other plugins.
  2. Easy to use and all size business solution.
  3. Get a detailed analysis of every system and application running on your network infrastructure.
  4. Track your routers, WiFi, servers, and printers as well.

Spiceworks Network Mapping Tool

Spiceworks Network Mapping tool is an all free application focused on creating maps. It will also monitor your bandwidth uses, diagnose network if it needs troubleshooting, and show you a detailed view of the network node. You can easily use this tool to map IT networks effectively. Also, when it comes to monitoring your ink and toner, you get graphical interface for everything.

To start using this software, you do not have to install complex configurations. Once, the program get installed, you are ready to use it for any purpose without hassles. Getting live details about the devices is pretty easy with this. In other words, you get information about Serial numbers, IP addresses, and bandwidth utilization easily.

Features of Spiceworks network mapping tool:

  1. Auto-discovers your network and find errors that need troubleshooting.
  2. It provides a graphical representation of bandwidth usage over time.
  3. It’s completely free of cost application.
  4. Best suited for small and medium businesses.


Net-probe is more a network monitoring application similar to PRTG Network Monitor. It comes with a classic network diagram that will show you an auto-generated topology of live networks, which you may not find helpful and want to create your own one. It also has a network auto-discovery feature like others.

If you are running a small business, it’s a great choice. The software is well-equipped with amazing features that allows the businesses to effectively implement their processes by visualizing them first. So, this tool can also be used as the best topology software.

Features of NetProbe:

  1. The command-line option is available for the Windows platform.
  2. Auto-generate summary of networks.
  3. Best suited for a small corporation.
  4. Security options such as restricting gateway host and HTTP hosts.

ManageEngine OpManager

It’s perhaps the best network monitoring software that features real-time network monitoring, with over 2000 built-in network performance monitor to report health and critical metrics such as latency, speed, errors, and discards. It also has physical and virtual server monitoring to monitor CPU, memory, and disk on Windows and Linux. It sets multiple thresholds and alerts for violation. You can create your own network topology with the tools available instead of using one that is provided.

The software come along with numerous features and advantages such as real-time network monitoring, server monitoring, and multi-level thresh-hold. Also, you can customize its dashboard easily as per your preferences. The tool is easy to setup and available at affordable prices.

Features of ManageEngine OpManager:

Network devise and Virtual server monitoring.

Custom and user-specific dashboards.

It also features WAN Link monitoring.

Affordable according to your business.

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Final Verdict:

I hope you will now be able to choose the right topology software for you. Make sure to share this article with others and help them with this too.

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